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  1. Quran Verses - Explanations required.
  2. Jizya in Islam
  3. Womens Rights
  4. Islam is a religion of peace and jihad is not only by the sword
  5. Is it Beacause of Adam We are on Earth ?
  6. misconceptions: did Allah Give Adam (or humans) part of his soul ? NO
  7. Islam and Rulers
  8. What is the Koran and Hadith?
  9. How do i refute a muslim that says bin laden and al-qaida are heroes?
  10. Sunnah and Hadith a corruption of Islam?
  11. the first I have heard of this
  12. Temperature of the hellfire.
  13. Why doesn't Allah destory the devil?
  14. Help to refute allegations against "scientifical verses"
  15. Need help to Refute
  16. Are Women Inferior To Men?
  17. Did Muhammed Sacrifice His Daughter to a Daughter of the Moon God?
  18. Did Muhammad mix up dates and times?
  19. Is there a contradiction and confusiong concerning the punishment for fornication
  20. Is it true??
  21. Muhammed did not hear Allah
  22. The Validity Of hadith?
  23. The more unusual hadiths
  24. Adam & Eve:How did the population increase from them?
  25. Who created God?
  26. About the Salafee Call, Once Again!:
  27. Why were angels asked to prostrate to Adam?
  28. Omnipotent paradox ?
  29. Quran is corrupt , please help me refute
  30. Is circumcision obligatory according to Quran or the Sunnah?
  31. Questions about Islam
  32. Nation of Islam and their belief of Mahdi??
  33. The "creator" of G-d? (my simple understanding)
  34. Refutations to a post.
  35. Can you prove that the Quran has been altered yaa ayyuhaal kafiroon?
  36. Are these allegations true? (Genuine question.)
  37. Reading and understanding Quran
  38. Allah and Camouflage...(Atheists!!,Agnostics!! and seculars!!)
  39. Religious toleration?
  40. Those who deny every AHadith might as well have an 'the non-believers' t-shirt
  41. Excessiveness is totally condemned, but…
  42. will he
  43. A Non Muslim Evidence About The Quran
  44. Scientolog}
  45. What is the Proof ??
  46. Why Muslims who leave Islam are punished by death ?
  47. I return
  48. Im posting a response to a youtube video about ''Islam'' is this correct ?
  49. Mixed marriage
  50. How Islam Fought Terrorism
  51. What is "Jihaad Annafs"
  52. Is this the result of sexual anarchy ??
  53. How is it possible for god not to exist??
  54. If Islam is the right path, why have muslims been killing each other for 1400 years?
  55. Please Explain
  57. Islam Is Here, Islam Is Peace
  58. Why Islam is not Acceptable to West!!!
  59. God/Allah and Religion
  60. MORALITY and GOD
  61. In search of the Injeel
  62. Refute John Gilchrist!
  63. Is the Qur'an from God?
  64. Is the Quran incomplete?
  65. Tafseer ( Muslims only) scholars preferable
  66. Attack on Islam at Interactive Bible Home Page
  67. Refuting Critics Without Ever Pointing Your Finger
  68. Eye opener for Atheists
  69. “If you can pass beyond the zones of Heaven and Earth, then pass!”
  70. God Doesnt exist because we havent and cant see him?
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