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  1. How much Christians know about Bible? What about Muslims?
  2. Truth or religion?
  3. 'Secret Mark' Gospel-- what do you guys think of this?
  4. What Does YOUR relligion mean?
  5. I need a real Rabbi's statement that Muslims are following Noahide Laws
  6. Cain's wife.
  7. God-Emperors Japan/ Eygpt
  8. Answers for "Born-Again's"
  9. Religions of allah before islam?
  10. Concerning the Good Treatment of One's Parents
  11. "Quran" and "New Testament"
  12. Does your God have a gender?
  13. Answered Prayers
  14. Did Jesus die and rise from the dead?
  15. Scholarly difference Judaism and Christianity
  16. reply to ranma1/2:New atheists in the woods....
  17. please clarify this statement from the bible
  18. Did Jesus fulfill (For unto us a child is born,Isaiah 9:6-7 )?
  19. Prophet Muhammad In Hindu Scriptures (amazing)
  20. United colors of Islam (stories for our new reverts)
  21. How many Gods do Hindus have?
  22. CosMic/Universe!!
  23. Jesus asked, "Who do you say I am?"
  24. The scientific miracles of the Quran.
  25. Religious Debates
  26. We worship GOD Almighty in His Grand Temple/House. We never worship the House itsel
  27. What is the holy book for Sikhs?
  28. Abraham's youth, abandoning error, discovery of true God
  29. Who am I to Allah and Jesus?
  30. Thank You ALL
  31. Clear - Before Adam / Creation
  32. How Scientific is Torah?
  33. Peace be upon you all
  34. Muslim, Christian and Jewish believers,
  35. Imam Ibn Qaiyym Debate with a Jewish Rabbi in Egypt
  36. How did Ancient Greek religion become "mythology?"
  37. “O Christ-Worshippers!”: A Qasidah Which Refutes Christianity - Ibn ul Qayyim
  38. Why is there Distrust between Christians, Jews and Muslims?
  39. History of Christianity
  40. Pointless debates and fruitless discussion
  41. Ezekiel's failed Prophecy Against Egypt
  42. I have a question that I have to get of my mind now
  43. Are we gods?
  44. Clear - Adam and Even in the Garden - What is the official Islamic Doctrine?
  45. The Economist: Harun Yahya's new book "Atlas of Creation" demolishes Evolution Theory
  46. Was Zul-Qarnain Alexander the Great?
  47. Why do you believe what you do? And how did you get to that belief?
  48. Why does the Quran begin with "In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful?"
  49. Do we worship the same God?
  50. Whose life is more precious to God ?
  51. Did King Offa Accept the Faith of Islâm?
  52. *!* The New Testament *!*
  53. What happens to Muslims who leave Islam?
  54. A critical view at false deities
  55. Trying to understand
  56. which religion ( for Agnostics and theists-- eh maybe Atheists?)
  57. ALL water turn into Blood!?
  58. Does the Bible need a defense?
  59. Concept of "only God can judge" in christianity
  60. Are morals derived from religion/God??
  61. Status of Old Testament in Islam
  62. Intelligent Design VS. Evolution (Be Convinced of the Truth)
  63. I found the zoroastrian scripture about Islam
  64. why sacrifise of Jesus (p) is unique & others sacrifises went unnoticed ???
  65. Islam questons
  66. Is islam the fastest rowing religion? if in converts?
  67. What Is Your Problem
  68. Are Muslims obligated to read the Bible?
  69. The Sikh topic
  70. Off topic posts moved from "Are Muslims obligated to read the Bible"
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