AsSalamOAlaikum WeRehmatuAllah WaBarkatuhu

"Prayer is "the communication and the connection" which is our way to communicate with God. Don't we usually need to communicate with the ones whom we love and the ones who love us? Don't we miss our friends, family and beloved ones, and always crave to share with them special and personal happy moments?

Then, how come we "boycott" the One we mostly need? Our Creator brought us to life to love Him and to be loved by Him. He loves us and He expects us to love Him back.

He brought us out of nothingness and endowed us with our unique human nature. By His will we are capable to love, laugh and feel. By His will we are able to walk, talk and think. By His will we are human beings. He gave us ourselves, don't we owe Him a few minutes daily?"


May we always keep up with our daily obligation to pray. Allahumma Ameen.