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  1. Is there psychological therapy that can help homosexual?
  2. Gout
  3. Are Olive with white mold Ok to eat???
  4. I'm going on a new diet....
  5. Science and Religion
  6. Which is the best diet to help me not get sick constantly...?
  7. Personal Experiences and Stories
  9. Is it halal to eat?
  10. That Which Heals (non pharmaceutical)
  11. Is OCD the root...?
  12. Islamic sustainable community
  13. Are you satisfied with Bread machine?
  14. Does 7 Earth Like planets discovery validates Quran ?
  15. The Multiverse (identical parallel universes)
  16. Chinampa (Floating farmland)
  17. TibeNabvi - Prophetic Ways of Curing Illnesses
  18. Hair Loss
  19. Cannabis
  20. whole body is itching almost
  21. PhD thesis: The earth is flat! An example of how religion and science doesn't mix wel
  22. Any doctors here?? Knee pain
  23. Lifting weights in ramadan, a good idea?
  24. Benefits of fasting for the brain
  25. Amazing Architectures Miracle of The Quran
  26. Are any one of you mind control victims?
  27. How do I deal with OCD? URGENT
  28. Small U.S. towns brace for rare solar eclipse, and crowds, in August
  29. Can suicide inspire other people to commit suicide too?
  30. How much black seed oil should I drink per day?
  32. What is the cure for depression?
  33. Taking less medicine helped
  34. Do we have bikers here? Question about bike pants!
  35. How do I use Islamic cures in addition to medication to heal?
  36. Most Muslims Get This Wrong. What Islam REALLY Says about Depression & Suicide
  37. What percentile is an emotional intelligence quotient of 72 out of 100 on a test?
  38. Dubai is building a mock Martian city
  39. How do I stop self harming and becoming delusional?
  40. I desperately need help and I don't know where else to go.
  41. Oral Hygiene
  42. Is it possible to feel your soul go into your body after you awake from sleep?
  43. A message from beyond space???
  44. Black Seed Oil
  45. Black Seed Oil
  46. whats considered an insane person in Islam?...
  47. DNA of Human and chimpanzee
  48. American Fast Food Took Over Kuwait And Made Its People Obese:
  49. Did the universe form 'spontaneously' from nothing? is quantum fluctuation our Allah?
  50. Ibn Khaldun’s Evolution Theory
  51. Human fossil record and others
  52. Founder of Big-Bang Theory dies an atheist..
  53. It is time ot make human/chimp hypbrids
  54. Anxiety? Depression? Feeling sad…? Do this for 3 days
  55. Fastest way to lose belly fat by Arnold | Interview
  56. 'We're doomed': Mayer Hillman on the climate reality no one else will dare mention
  57. recommended Books regarding evolution
  58. Artificial intelligence is silly
  59. Astrophysics
  60. Intoxicant.
  61. What I do to treat my Cancer naturally
  62. How YOU can help cancer research while sleeping
  63. Why the "flat earth theory" is wrong ?
  64. Black Seed Oil Health Benefits
  65. On how social media ruins your life
  66. Social Media: A conspiracy to hurt you?
  67. Strange conclusion to human creation
  68. The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Zero
  69. Amateur built submarine "Euronaut"
  70. On the dangers of pop music
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