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  1. Which is worse: physical or verbal abuse?
  2. Mainstream schools vs home schooling
  3. The Quranic Essence of Parenting
  4. Female Led-Prayers? - Yasmin Mogahed
  5. Advice on posting baby's picture on fb
  6. government funding and prevent
  7. How to stop letting girl(s) influence my decisions? (OCD)
  8. Brother and sister staying alone in their house
  9. Make nikah easy
  10. make dua please
  11. Please make dua for me....:(
  12. Non muslims just married, looking for a reading from us to muslim parents for them
  13. No offspring a test?
  14. Thoughts on family
  15. My wife don't want to wear the hijab. Divorce?
  16. My mother forced me to shave for a job interview, and still isn't letting me apply
  17. Mother issues
  18. Controlling father??? Please help.
  19. Brothers and Sisters I really need help regarding my relationship
  20. Triple talaq
  21. help
  22. Narcissistic mother - how do I deal??
  23. How did you explain to your child about first crushes/puberty?
  24. Ruling on women going out at night? Please can I have some advice.
  25. How my son said about that figure is shocking me
  26. Should wife cook food for husband..?
  27. Why does she get to talk to boys on social media BUT NOT ME?????
  28. My wife doesn't always eat halal...
  29. .
  30. My family is against me
  31. How do I deal with a toxic mother?
  32. On this Forum I face some mental issues!!
  33. My father severed ties to me
  34. Saying salam.
  35. Mustafa16's thread
  36. Advice on how to approach daughter to eating halal
  37. Girlfriends and Drinking
  38. Is the issue feminism, or not enough of it (from my perspective)?
  39. Daughter want to join the choir at school
  40. Marriage : proposals rejected because bride is not pale in complexion.
  41. I told my daughter about eating halal and I think I have a bad explanation?
  42. Sisters- Friends with gay guys?
  43. Daughter asking can Muslims have boyfriends and girlfriends and asking....
  44. Totally lost and unsure and needing help please
  45. Russell Brand And The Drug Of Connection
  46. To Eien
  47. Femininity and Dignity
  48. Respect your mum
  49. I find it difficult to deal with my family
  50. What's the Islamic viewpoint when husband is displeased with wife?
  51. The Inevitable Collapse of Feminist Societies
  52. Mom chooses dog over grandchildren
  53. 5 Things in a Wife
  54. Planning a bright future for your children
  55. Pakistani marriages: can it be possible for me?
  56. Can’t cope
  57. Send food to deceased family
  58. Why does my Arab Muslim mom stress about my beauty?
  59. Marriage Sites
  60. Are you having trouble finding suitors for your daughter or ward?
  61. Problems in society hindering Marriage
  62. Why would a woman marry without permission?
  63. Interview about how masculine crsis destroyed society
  64. Marrying someone with cancer
  65. My understanding as a human being you only obey Allah (Subhanahu Wa Talaa) and his...
  66. Why Allah gave men the right of talaq and not to women.
  67. Maintain good relation with relatives
  68. Parenting
  69. Marriage Is Declining Rapidly—Does It Matter?
  70. Bidah in marriage
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