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  1. Money to get married in two years (I'm 20)
  2. Divorce in Bangladesh Skyrocketing Fast
  3. How do I feel empathy and pray for others again?
  4. Men and Women are equal in Islam
  5. What is wrong with me? Am I really that shallow?
  6. How can I answer my non Muslim nephew's questions about Islam?
  7. Tom Leykis - Single Mother
  8. Divorce laws reform in England and Wales
  9. Boy Scouts Of America Release The Names Of Over 7600 Scout Leaders Who Violated Kids!
  10. Divorced father playing "hide and seek" with ties
  11. What is the penalty in Islam for marrying more than 4 wives?
  12. Food Banks, Eid Presents and Refugees
  13. How can I get daughter to pray?
  14. Which are the duas and surahs to read during pregnancy (and its benifits )
  15. Three Divorces in one sitting Issue
  16. Fatherless America
  17. Parents
  18. I got married الحمد لله
  19. You Are a Nation Builder! The Mindset of a Muslim Mother
  20. Message to all parents
  21. Divine covenant, a workshop on marriage In Islam
  22. Adopting a baby girl
  23. Issues with family and need some advice
  24. Marriage
  25. Parents have said no to a guy for my sister
  26. Wali
  27. Ex mother in law slandering me
  28. Is it true that before marriage....
  29. I am in Calgary
  30. Advice for parent with adult children on the wrong path
  31. Improve your Immune System with Eggs.
  32. A great lesson for the world.....
  33. If a girl makes dua against me, will that dua be fulfilled? Please reply...
  34. Our Women: The Essence of the Ummah
  35. Abusive husband.
  36. Wasa wasa of divorce
  37. Dr. Eyad's Firm Speech At Burial of Daughter
  38. Permissible to be friends with a female classmate on social media?
  39. How do I learn to forgive my parents?
  40. Is it permissible for me to boycott my mother in this case?
  41. Arranged marriage
  42. How do you live in modern society?
  43. What should really be done about the situation with Uighur Muslims in China?
  44. Evidence for how far a wife needs to obey the husband?
  45. If more people followed this when divorce and custody matters come in effect....
  46. Custody law in Islam - If everyone follow this rule there will be zero fasaat....
  47. Things with opposite gender
  48. Some varying opinions on the Prevent Duty in the U.K.
  49. A list of some of my research over the past 15 years.
  50. Event WED OCT 14 Overcoming Hate & Bigotry
  51. Everyone suddenly understands it! NIQAB
  52. Concerns anti-extremism programmes can radicalise Muslim youths
  53. We need to look after young muslim converts ,to avoid such cases.
  54. We urgently need to deal with drugs and other issues in our communities.
  55. What is a good walimah and mahr amount in USDollar?
  56. The stigma of extremism in muslim communities
  57. See how Islam solved all human problems!!
  58. What Islam talks about bullies?
  59. Public Display of Affection
  60. To hold on or let go?
  61. Convince my mother to emotionally accept my year abroad
  62. Me and My wife have issues and are embarrassed to talk to our families about this
  63. My friend is having an issue in marriage.
  64. Can a virgin girl marry a non-virgin?
  65. lonliness in the pandemic and fights with stressed mother
  66. What if women want decision making for divorce?
  67. I have no relationship, I am unmarried and always single.
  68. I requested, my mom wants to marry me, but I feel scared
  69. How do you deal with family who not as strict as you?
  70. How do you deal with an angry, controlling, blackmailing mother?
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