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View Full Version : Clarifications about Islam

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  1. Feel iman if you keep your gaze low?
  2. Clarification needed
  3. frustrated with Islam hate
  4. 130 imams refused .....
  5. I am fearing about my iman. Confusing questions create doubts
  6. Did Imam Bukhari used to see Prophet while narrating hadiths to the Prophet?
  7. Is wasting time haram?
  8. help me uNDERSTAND
  9. Salat Ul Tasbeeh
  10. What is Islam view on Alcohol in previous religions?
  11. How many times can one come back to Islam after kufr?
  12. Sisters! Is your hijab valid?
  13. i hate islam
  14. What will happen to apstates?
  15. Are all processed foods haram?
  16. Does secular education coincide with Islam?
  17. If this world is created...
  18. Is allah great?
  19. The Creation Is In Need Of Allah By Dr. Saleh As-saleh
  20. Subjecting the Qur'an to scientific theories
  21. Are 14K Gold Nib in Fountain Pens haram for men?
  22. What does shaitan means (is it a jinn?)
  23. Why do Muslim Women Cover Themselves or Wear Hijab?-A Detailed Answer.
  24. Wife Beating in Islam?
  25. Women's Rights in Islam.
  26. Are Qur'anic verses pertaining to the whole world or just the companions?
  27. Islam and Evolution
  28. Share It If Feels It Can Contribute And Helps #Insan, Islam And The World
  29. How are Muslims encouraged to treat pigs?
  30. Is it permissible for female cousins & male cousins to hang out & direct message each
  31. The Rules of Engagement - Dr Shabir Ally
  32. Is there still stigma with 2nd and 3rd cousin marriages?
  33. Description of paradise
  34. Does Islam Allow Rape of Female Slaves?
  35. Would this make sense ?
  36. Hijab & Modest Sh. Yusha Evans
  37. apostasy in Islam, how does it affect you?
  38. What's the plan for the leadership of Sunni Islam?
  39. Was Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Poisoned ?
  40. Universality of Qur'an
  41. Is it ok to say Hello to kuffar/disbelievers?
  42. Fairness of God?
  43. Old testament laws.
  44. Meet A Muslim Before You Judge A Muslim
  45. Mourning in Islam
  46. hajj: why only rich is forgiven?
  47. Explaining Marriage of Aisha,May Allah be Pleased with Her.(2)
  48. What does Islam say about judging others?
  49. Why shirk is considered major sin
  50. Hadith allows killing non-combatants?
  51. What does Islam say about Near Death Experiences?
  52. Help to find the source of this
  53. Why Islam Disallows women to travel alone.
  54. Explaining Controversial Issues of Islam in One Go.
  55. What are your thoughts on Quranists?
  56. Islam's view of Fractional Reserve Banking
  57. Why Every Woman Should Wear Hijab.
  58. What are the correct timings for fajr & isha prayers?
  59. Birth control, family planning, planned parenthood
  60. Saudi Arabia
  61. Defending Prophet Muhammad's Marriage to Aisha
  62. Executions at the time of the Prophet (PBUH)
  63. About salah?
  64. Music and Islam...
  65. Is it backbiting when you are talking to yourself?
  66. Social Conditions: Christians And Jews In Early Period Of Islam
  67. What’s the ruling on listening and playing a song on a different type of instrument i
  68. Can Muslims use AD in reference to Gregorian calendar ?
  69. If a Muslim commits suicide will he be punished forever? Or just temporary?
  70. Sects
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