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  1. The Qur'ans Argument on why a Human is not an Animal
  2. The Qur'ans Argument on why a Human is not an Animal [the Intellect]
  3. Must Read Article: The use of Magic in Christianity
  4. Jewish Afterlife
  5. Yikes, Non Muslims have invaded the Boards.
  6. Comparative eschatologies: between Judaism and Islam-Christianity
  7. Non Muslims, how do you explain the existence of the Quran/Sincerity of the Prophet?
  8. Regular prayer
  9. Jewish problem
  10. Fasting & the Concept of Worship
  11. 3 days and 3 nights christian phrase
  12. Did Jesus Die on the Cross?
  13. Man needing a saviour???
  14. Hinduism VS Islam
  15. A question for "non-Professiona" Christians
  16. Richard Dawkins: Answer My Questions Please.
  17. Jesus prophecies Islam in Matt.20, + Jesus prophesied Islam also in Luke.13,paralles
  18. Pecking Order Video
  19. Why aren't the Nun's considered Opressed?
  20. Christianity's new racism
  21. A Short History of the Jews in the Modern World
  22. Hindu scriptures
  23. Interesting find - Christians please comment
  24. One Question for Hindus...
  25. "Questions for Jehovah Witnesses"
  26. Pascal's Wager
  27. Free will with an all knowing God.
  28. truth of hinduism
  29. As there are other Abrahamic religions
  30. How Creation Came into Existence According to Rig-Veda : Exposing the Science of Hind
  31. Jews used to prostrate during prayer and still does
  32. Muhammad, in, the, Bible
  33. VEdas translations
  34. Does the Quran continue the religion of the Bible?
  35. Please any muslim brother clear my doubt
  36. Why don't Christians separate men and women in churches?
  37. Do Muslims Believe Jesus Was Not Really Crucified?
  38. What are the scriptures of Islam?
  39. cruci(fiction) Deedat vs. Douglas, brilliant-- Must watch!
  40. Role model in your community
  41. A common word
  42. Religious insanity on a grand scale
  43. Could al-Injeel and the Q-source document be one and the same?
  44. Islamic view on contraception and abortion
  45. To Atheists
  46. Quote unquote skepticism
  47. God's means of communication
  48. Assistance from practicing Muslim who practice the Sunna?
  49. Non-Muslims and Jannah
  50. All Trinity discussion goes here!
  51. Why I Am Not an Atheist
  52. Reincarnation is really true?
  53. Did you pick your religion or were you born into it?
  54. Hate for the Pagan
  55. Atheism: Incompatible with the Real human Life.
  56. A message to non-believers..... from God
  57. A Question for Atheists
  58. Do Muslims follow Jesus Christ more than Christians?
  59. Islam and transcendentalism/Emerson
  60. What is this site all about? :S
  61. The Central Flaw of Christianity (another article)
  62. Views on Hinduism!
  63. Exactly what kind of Bible did the Christians in Muhammad's (pbuh) time have?
  64. Muslim Views on Theism
  65. Angel Gabriel and Mohammed question
  66. Islam and purgatory
  67. Islam and Lilith
  68. truthseeker63's Corner in Comparative religion
  69. How Do Mulsims Resolve the Eyewitness Testimony of the Disciples?
  70. Biblical prophecy of Israel
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